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Backhus LT

BACKHUS brand lane turners are used for composting and biological drying of organic-rich fractions such as household or organic waste, as well as in the composting of sewage sludge or contaminated soil remediation. Depending on the lane width (3 to 5 metres), turning rates of up to 2,000 m³ per hour can be achieved. Material can be processed with the lane turners in a continuous or a batch process.

The turners for channel composting can be integrated into new as well as existing waste treatment plants. Different models of the LT series can be utilised depending on the system capacity and spatial conditions. In planning of your own particular waste management in lanes, the BACKHUS team of experts will pleased to assist you with advice and active support.

The lane turners are available both for driver operation with a spacious panoramic cabin and for driverless, automatic operation. With the latter version, (depending on the model), operating personnel only need to pre-program the tuner movements executed on a daily basis using an appropriate control panel. The lane composting turner then automatically performs the rest of the operation for you.

Sensor technology on the machine ensures movement directly on the lane walls making rail-bound guidance redundant. Changing lanes occurs effortlessly with the aid of a fully automatic transfer carriage (depending on the model).

In addition to the class leading standard equipment, BACKHUS lane turners are also available with a whole range of additional features. For example, perfect irrigation conditions can be achieved within the lanes using the selectable irrigation option, which in turn optimises the entire composting process.

The low energy consumption and impressive turning performance of BACKHUS LT series lane turners also make them highly attractive. And depending on the model, they are available with either diesel engine or electric drive.

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