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Terra Select T 40 Mobile Trommel Screen

The two-fraction machine from Terra Select is designed for professional use with almost all types of material. Whether with biomass, compost, soils or recycled wood, the mobile trommel screen can separate these substances just as easily as it can sort building rubble, refuse, metals and a whole range of other materials. The machine has a screen area of 19 m² and achieves a throughput of up to 100 m³ per hour depending on the type of material.

Due to its compact dimensions, with a drum diameter of just 1,600 mm and a length of 4,200 mm, the Terra Select T 40 Trommel Screen can be quickly and easily transported. It has an integrated 40 mm drawbar and is approved for use on public roads so that it can also be transported behind small commercial vehicles. On site, the mobile screen can be easily moved with a forklift truck or wheeled loader, ensuring it is set up for use in just 5 minutes.

As with the larger models from Terra Select, you will generally find that the T 40 trommel screen also has a great number of technical advantages: a generously powered diesel engine, well proportioned transfer points and wide conveyor belts with galvanised frames. The powerful, toothed hopper belt drive prevents slippage of the belt even with heavy materials and at the same time ensures a uniform feed of the material into the drum. Because it is equipped for professional use, the compact class screen almost achieves the performance of a five-meter class trommel screen.

In addition to the standard equipment, many customised features are available. For example, we can equip your machine with extended belts, a magnetic roller, a radio remote control or a Terra Select V 40 windsifting unit for the continuous cleaning of oversized grain.

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