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Anis Trend Premium Line

Models of the ANIS medium to high load shear baler series are designed for the companies that are primarily involved in waste management industry.

This shear baler series with long established design and updated over many years have a heavy-duty construction and consequently, provide the highest throughputs. High specific pressing power provides high compaction of the material and consequently an optimum full truck load. This series of channel balers with shear blades and horizontal or optionally vertical wire tying cover an enormously wide range of applications for a wide variety of materials and qualities, especially in the processing of very heavy pressed material.

Machines are available with hopper sizes, feed openings and power units tailored to suit the application in hand.

  • Press ram with rollers on wear plates
  • Pressing force: 60-200 Tonnes
  • Bale size: 750 x 750mm, 800 x 1.000mm, 1.100 x 750mm and 1.100 x 1.100 mm
  • Main hydraulic motor:  22, 30, 45, 55, 2×30, 75, 2x45kW, 2×55, 2x75kW
  • Feed opening: 1.300mm, 1.600mm and 1.900 mm


  • Software optimally adjusted for the different materials guarantees high bale quality even when material is frequently changed
  • Optimised bale dimensions and bale weights for efficient full truck loading
  • Possible to switch off wire strapping manually

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