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Backhus A 50/A 60

BACKHUS triangular windrow turners are used for the composting of green and organic goods, sewage sludge, waste from sugar cane and palm oil production and other feed stocks, as well as for soil remediation. They are also used in earthworks or for industrial mixing of substrates. In addition, the BACKHUS series of turners run in almost all types of climates, due to their mature and robust design.

BACKHUS offers a range of model sizes, so that the windrow turner can be perfectly integrated into your system and adapted to your processes. For example, the BACKHUS A 50 is designed for windrows with a maximum height of 2.4 metres and a width of 5 metres, and achieves a turning throughput of up to 4,000 m³ per hour. With the BACKHUS A 55 turner for windrow composting, the throughput can be somewhat more. With windrows up to 5.5 metres in width and 2.5 metres in height, throughputs of up to 4,500 m³ per hour can be achieved. We also have a machine with an even higher throughput in the product range.

The ergonomic construction of the machine frame ensures that the material being turned only comes into contact with the rotor during operation. The windrow is reformed with the discharged material so that contact with the frame of the compost turner does almost not occur.

In addition, BACKHUS turners are designed to ensure easy access to all components, therefore facilitating uncomplicated maintenance and cleaning. The chassis of the A 50 and A 55, for example, is also designed as an open structure, so that material getting into the chassis frame immediately falls out again. As a result, there is nothing to hinder smooth travel of the windrows.

For windrow turner drivers, BACKHUS has really created a comfort zone. The spacious 360-degree panoramic cabin features an air-sprung seat, armrests on both sides with large sized screens and controls.

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