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Dehaco Tera 15

The Tera 15 is the innovative successor of the De-Dust Nano and has been improved in many ways. For instance, the Tera 15 has been provided with a newly designed aluminium frame with two carrying handles. The centre of gravity has been adapted as well, making it even easier to move the Tera 15. A number of small technical changes have been made, reducing the water consumption to 40 litres per hour. A significant reduction compared to its predecessor that still used 90 litres of water per hour.

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importerer og selger materialhåndteringsmaskiner og forskjellig utstyr til ulike bransjer i hele Norges land.

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Claus Leite
Salgssjef / Daglig leder
Mobil: +47 909 76 311
Epost: cl@kiesel.no
Florian Aresvik
Produktsjef, gjenvinning
Mobil: +47 484 05 004
Epost: fza@kiesel.no