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Terra Select R 60/R 70

The screening unit will aid you in the processing of biomass, compost or recycled timber. It does not matter whether you use trommel or star screens within your screening process. Both types of machine work with a downstream mobile screening panel. The panel is placed after the fine or coarse grain belt and thus produces a third or even fourth fraction depending on the upstream machine.

Terra Select has deliberately designed the drive of the screening panel to be flexible. It can be simply connected, either electrically or hydraulically, via the optional auxiliary drive of the upstream trommel or star screen.

The mobile screening unit is also noted for its high degree of mobility. Thanks to its hydraulic folding supports and a suitable quick coupler mounting to match the corresponding wheeled loader, the Terra Select screening panel can be easily transported, with efficient use of space, on the feed hopper of a T 50 or T 60 trommel screen.

Due to its larger screening area, the Terra Select screening panel is designed for higher throughput rates and is ideally suited as an oversize grain separator. It can also be equipped for transporting on a hook lift platform.

The Terra Select mobile screening panel allows you to cost-effectively screen an additional fraction whenever you need it. When not in use, it can be quickly and easily stowed away, without great effort or taking up a large space, and your screening process can continue at full output using your trusted and reliable trommel or star screens.

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